IP Cores

Inicore's System Design Board SDB-1000 provides a versatile platform for your next product development. An ARM based CPU subsystem with up to 2 MBytes of SRAM and 16 MBytes of program memory (FLASH) allows to operate the board in a standalone mode. It is complemented with an up to one million gate ProASICPLUS FPGA from Actel.

The SDB-1000 can be used in a wide range of applications. Thanks to the two CANbus channels it nicely targets the industrial control sector. The PMC port with the PTMC extension opens the door to the telecom sector. Additional interfaces can be added using the Compact Flash interface, the CPU bus extension or the prototyping area.

In-System Programming

The SDB-1000 takes advantage of the unique features of the ProASICPLUS devices. It provides full support to reprogram the Flash based FPGA from the CPU. All required infrastructures such as DC/DC converters to create the programming voltages are available on the board. The Compact Flash interface can be used to transfer new programming files from the PC to the system. This accelerates system development and enables system upgrades in the field. The ProASICPLUS can be programmed through a standard JTAG header using Silicon Sculptor II or Flash Pro or from the on-board ARM microcontroller.


Easy-to-Use Development Board

Operates in Standalone Mode

1,000,000 System Gates ProASIC PLUS from Actel

ARM7TDMI CPU AT91R40807 from Atmel

eCos Operating System from RedHat

2 MByte SRAM, up to 16 MByte FLASH

64-bit wide SDRAM (PC100 DIMM)

User Interface with LCD, LEDs and Keys


CPU reprograms ProASIC PLUS

LCD Display

Prototype Area

Versatile Clock Circuitry

Real Time Clock with Backup Battery

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