6809 compatible 8-bit microprocessor

iniCPU, a powerful 8-bit micro processor, enables embedded computing and controlling on chip. It fulfils all needed requirements for being used in systems on chip and high level programming.Although existing standard products are cheap today, there are a lot of applications where an integration of the micro processor brings total system cost down. Less components, higher performance, glueless memory interfaces and customized peripherals allow you to build your system on chip.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


  • 6809 Software Compatible
  • Save Operation, Illegal Opcode Recognition
  • Supported with C Compiler, Assembler, Debugger
  • Address Expansion Circuit (Page Mode)
  • External Interfaces for S/D RAM, IO etc.
  • Hardware Debugging Circuits
  • Fully Synchronous
  • 100% Technology Independent Design
  • Performance at 40MHz with 25ns RAM:
    • Peak: 10 MIPS
    • 8 by 8 Unsigned MUL: 3.3 MIPS


iniCPU data sheet