16-bit fixed-point general purpose DSP

The iniDSP is designed for system-on-chip applications. A highest degree of reusability is guaranteed by having a 100% technology independent design, synchronous and structured design rules and software support. This core is based on the architecture of the CD2450A from Clarkspur Inc. INICORE is official licensee of this technology and has developed a structured high level model. Optimized and enhanced for high performance, lowest power and efficient algorithm programming, the iniDSP is an alternative to off-chip DSPs and existing technology dependent solutions. The wide application range goes from lowest power solutions like hearing aids, signal conditioning in sensors, over mid range audio applications (compression) to powerful control circuits.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


  • 16-bit Fixed-Point
  • General Purpose DSP
  • 16x16 Signed/ Unsigned
  • Multiplier with 40 Bit Accu
  • Optimized for Lowest Power Application
  • Built-in Ease of Use
  • 100% Technology Independent
  • Designed for System Embedding
  • Assembler, Linker and Debugger Available


iniDSP data sheet