Logo CAN in Automation
Inicore is full class member of CAN in Automation e.V. (CiA). The international trade association CiA founded in 1992 provides technical, product and marketing intelligence information in order to enhance the prestige, improve the continuity and provide a path for advancement of the CAN network.
Logo Design & Reuse
Design and Reuse is the leading web portal for IP and SoC exchange, and the first worldwide provider of intranet/internet based IP reuse and Exchange Management software called IP/SoC Manager Series.
Logo EDA Direct
Distributor of Gatevision, a standalone design analyzer that generates easy-to-read schematics from any Verilog or EDIF netlist. GateVision is a point tool that fits into most design flows.
Logo EtherCAT Technolgy Group
EtherCAT Technology Group. The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
Logo Microchip
Microchip Technology Incorporated is a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Its easy-to-use development tools and comprehensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs, which reduce risk while lowering total system cost and time to market. The company's solutions serve more than 120,000 customers across the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications and computing markets.
Logo Prover Techonolgy
Prover Technology supplies formal verification tools and technology since 1989. Inicore uses the Prover® eCheck equivalence checker product in order to verify the correctness of design transformations performed in ASIC, and FPGA development flows, as well as for verifying that RTL cores translated between VHDL and Verilog are equivalent.
Synplicity's proprietary Direct Synthesis Technology delivers a highly optimized FPGA vendor-specific netlist ready for implementation.