VME Slave Controller Core

The VMESmodule is a complete VME Slave Controller core bridging the VME bus and the local bus. The core contains a VME Slave, a VME interrupter, mailbox and semaphore registers, a local interrupt controller, provisioning for CR/CSR, and a generic local bus interface.

The VMESmodule is a building block for your custom VME slave design. The synchronous local bus interface eases system integration while the VME slave bridge already contains all necessary functions and features of a VME slave controller.

With this reach feature set, the VMESmodule is an excellent platform to base all your future Slave VME designs on.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Slave Interface

  • Addressing modes: A16, A24, A32
  • Data types: D8(EO), D16, D32, D32-BLT, D64-MBLT
  • Access modes: Read, write, read-modify-write
  • Selectable rescinding DTACK
  • 8 slave windows with address translation


  • D08(O) interrupt status vector
  • Software interrupt request (ROAK)
  • User interrupt request (RORA)
  • Programmable interrupt level

System CR/CSR

  • Contains address decoding for CR/CSR space
  • Accessible via VME and local bus
  • Local status and configuration registers for
    • Interrupter
    • Slave memory window configuration
  • Special functions
    • 4 32-bit mailbox registers
    • 4 8-bit semaphores
    • Local interrupt controller
    • VME interrupt controller

Local Bus Interface

Fully synchronous bus interface for user logic User selectable wait-states Optional big-endian to little-endian conversion


  • VME Slave
  • VME Interrupter
  • Mailbox & Semaphores
  • Local bus interface


VMESmodule datasheet

Utilization Numbers

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