G704-E1 Protocol Framer

iniG704-E1 is a ISDN E1 framer. It implements CCITT G704 framing structures at 2048 kbit/s. The core is written in VHDL. This core is structured in main building blocks which remain the same in different applications.

It can be target to any technology and comes with a testbench.

Block Diagram



  • Universal ISDN E1 Framer
  • Asymmetric Application (e.g. E1 - ATM, nx64 - E1, E1 - 30 BRI-Channels)
  • Symmetric Application (e.g. E1-E1)
  • Basic and Multiframe Alignment
  • Alarm Bit Processing
  • Customizable Error Counters
  • Selectable Conditions for Loss of SYNC
  • CRC4 Error Checking and Monitoring
  • Structural VHDL RTL Description


iniG704 data sheet