CAN Core Selector Guide

System-on-chip image

  • Silicon proven CANbus interface
  • Conformance tested according to ISO 16845
  • Custom or standard CAN message filters
  • ASIC and FPGA design services

Inicore offers various CAN controller architectures, all designed for system-on-chip integrations. They are predefined and verified, ready for an easy integration and giving you the flexibility to optimize your standard-based functionality, setting your design apart from the competition.

Designed using the basic CAN architecture from Bosch, each module comes with features specific to your applications need. The modules are full CAN2.0B compliant bus controllers, efficiently handling all communication transactions on the CAN bus. Application specific functions are add-ons and are built around as a wrapper; they don't influence the main core and therefore its function is always guaranteed.

Since we launched the iniCAN core in 1994, it has been deployed in applications such as aerospace, automation, automotive, industrial control, printers-systems, network and telecom. The trends goes towards applications to use CAN as a general bus medium for module level communication. It has been used in various FPGA and ASIC technologies, and therefore proven its conformity to the CAN2.0B standard.

CAN Controller Selection

Bosch CAN License

Additional to the CAN IP module you will need a CAN Protocol License. The CAN Protocol is protected by patents from Robert Bosch GmbH. This license is required even if you develop your own CAN module or if you purchase one from another vendor. Inicore has signed a license agreement with Bosch, allowing us to sublicense the CAN Protocol. We are happy to assist you in getting the CAN Protocol License.

White Papers on CAN Integrations

We provide complete system solution to some of our customers. Please have a look at these success stories:

  • White paper: FPGA based CAN Solutions [pdf]
  • White paper: Concept and ASIC Solution for CAN based Field Bus in Service Automation. [pdf]
  • CAN on Integration Technologies [pdf]