IP Cores

The market constantly demands shorter development times, especially on innovative products. With the help of our easy-to-use cores time-to-market of complex systems and design risks as well can be reduced. Our methodology supports design flows using FPGAs for fast prototyping and ASICs for volume production. Full technology independent cores facilitate this migration path and their reusability on any technology.

All our cores are ...

  • designed using a structured synchronous design methodology
  • are designed for system integration
  • 100% technology independent
  • reusable because all application specific functions are add-ons
  • have smart interfaces for a smooth system integration
  • target for FPGA and ASIC designs

Core Deliverables

  • Source code
  • High level testbench
  • Synthesis script
  • User guide
  • Application notes
  • Design-in support