Press Release

Inicore and Sulzer Microelectronics merge

INICORE and Sulzer Microelectronics merged in June 2000 after an MBO of latter from Sulzer Corporation. The combined activity allows for a better penetration of the system-on-chip market, where first-to-market and volume production is essential to all customers. Inicore's experience in system design, methodology and IP reusability extends thereby its value chain of services. With the increasingly specialization in core competences, Inicore offers now a one-stop-shop for System-on-Chip from Spec to Silicon. The ever competitive market requires high flexibility in the system functionality and performance perspectives, demanding the use of state-of-the-art technologies and tool handling. Sulzer Microelectronics, founded in 1986, with close links to LSI Logic, covered the aspects of ASIC design and all of the related design services. The highly skilled engineering team consists of experts in architectures, methodology, technology and tool handling. With 15 years of experience and 200+ ASIC- and numerous FPGA designs, project leadership became essential and is based on this broad experience.


INICORE is a system design house providing FPGA and ASIC solutions. Our expertise is to combine customers application know-how with our design methodology, IP-cores and system-on-chip knowledge. Our customers benefit from our time-to-market and product oriented design approach that enables unique microelectronic solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers with long term competitive advantages through our outstanding performance in the design and delivery of innovative and unique solutions. As a "One Stop Shop" we have secured privileged business relations to supply you with the most advanced technologies. We are an established design center and have recently merged with Sulzer Microelectronics. Founded in 1986, we have delivered more then 200+ ASIC and numerous FPGA solutions, covering the fields of medical instrumentation, data acquisition, industrial and building control, automotive, communications and consumer goods using micro controllers and DSP's.