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Inicore Inc. introduces VME Slave Module IP core

Newark, California, October 10, 2012 - The silicon intellectual property (IP) and design service provider Inicore Inc., announced today the immediate availability of a new VME slave module core, the VMESmodule.

Inicore's VMESmodule contains all the functionality needed to connect a user design to the VME bus. The core contains a VME slave controller, 8 address windows to map the local memory space into the VME address space, 4 7-bit semaphores and 4 32-bit mailboxes for interprocess communication, a VME interrupter, a local interrupt controller and CSR registers to support address relocation. A generic 32-bit wide synchronous user-side interface connects to the local bus design and provides access to the VMESmodule's internal CSR memory space.

Future design obsolescence is mitigated by being able to use VMESmodule based VME slave designs in FPGAs, an important aspect with the longevity of the VME technology.

"Todays VME designs are getting more and more complex" noted Daniel Leu, President and Chief Engineer. "By using the application proven VMESmodule core in an FPGA, design and verification is greatly simplified and accelerated".

The core is supported by Inicore's technical staff who provides core customization and FPGA design services as well.

The deliverables include synthesizable VHDL RTL code, self-verifying system-level verification environment, user documentation, simulation and synthesis scripts, technical support, and maintenance.

Click the following link to learn more about the VMESCmodule: VME Slave controller product page

About Inicore:

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