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INICORE announces Distribution Agreement with Temento Systems

Montbonnot - France and Newark, CA - USA - Nov. 24. 2003 - Temento Systems SA, announced today that it has signed a distributorship agreement with Inicore Inc., located in Newark, California for the territory of United States and Canada for its FPGA debugging and verification tool, DiaLite Instrumentation (DLI). Through its commitment to invest in sales and product support, Inicore will provide superior services to DLI customers.

This distributorship agreement has been signed after a six months period of cooperation between both companies. Inicore’s competence in FPGA technologies, methodologies and tool handling enable Temento Systems to offer the required technical support to its OEM and partners companies in the United States. Further, the agreement gives Inicore the ability to make direct sales and business agreements with its own customers and prospects.

The high level of performance and flexibility of DLI provides quite unlimited debugging capabilities. It is a feature rich tool and offers a lot of specific debugging settings. “To help customers to master DLI quickly, local support is inevitable” said Yves Devigne, Director of Customer Support at Temento Systems. “The additional offering and the local presence of Inicore enables us to penetrate our products in a much better way.”

As FPGA’s are getting bigger and more complex, and predefined functions such as processors and DSPs being added by the vendors, the engineer’s task to debug complex systems in a timely manner becomes more and more challenging. “With Temento Systems DLI software, help is on its way,” said Hans J. Kuffer, VP Business Development from Inicore. “DLI software offers fast observability and integrates easy into the process flow, offering the engineer visibility down to the single gate, therefore helping to shorten the long lasting verification effort!”

About DiaLite Instrumentation debugging tool

DLI™ enables on-FPGA and SoC debugging and observability by using embedded instrumentation. It provides a fast and easy instrumentation process flow enabling rapid design verification by keeping the same instrumentation whatever the version of your design. You will save days of simulation work by using specific debugging configurations on your chip, taking advantage of instruments like Traffic analyzer, Pseudo-random generator, Triggers, etc. DLI tool is enable to target any type of FPGA vendors on the same board including Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, and Actel. DLI front-end design uses VHDL or Verilog languages and works together with most common available synthesis tools.

About Inicore Inc.

Inicore is experienced system design house providing FPGA and ASIC solutions, from specification to fully tested silicon. The company's expertise in architectures, intellectual property, methodology and tool handling provides a complete design environment that helps customers shorten their design cycle and speed time to market. Inicore expertise is in the area where processors, controller and DSP-based applications are required. Our experts help customers develop innovative products serving new and existing markets such as in the areas of medical instrumentation, communications, industrial and building control, bus systems and processors, portable applications, data acquisition, automotive, aviation and consumer goods. For more information on Inicore, visit their website at

About Temento Systems

Temento Systems S.A. provides Electronic Design and Test Automation (EDTA) solutions that enable engineers to test and debug electronic products, including System on Chip (SoC), FPGAs, Boards, Multi-Chips Modules (MCMs), and Systems. Unlike traditional EDA software providers, Temento Systems offers a broad range of solutions focused on systems design test, starting from the earliest stage of design definition (virtual test), straight through hardware testing (physical test). Temento's solutions are used by product development teams manufacturing teams, and maintenance teams in major companies and SME in the semi-conductor, consumer electronics, computer, automotive, and aerospace industries. For more information on Temento Systems, please visit their web site at